Outback Bowl 2020 – What You Need to Know

If you are the big fan of college football sport, you will certainly not miss the hype of the Outback Bowl 2020. The date is fast approaching and here’s what we know so far. Let’s start it with the more straightforward details.

Outback Bowl 2020

  • Name of the bowl: 2020 Outback Bowl (Minnesota Golden Gophers vs Auburn Tigers)
  • The edition of the bowl: 34th Outback BOwl
  • Date: January 1, 2020
  • Season: 2019
  • The Venue: Stadium Raymond James
  • Location: Tampa, Florida
  • US TV Coverage: ESPN2

What is the Outback Bowl?

The big game will involve the big teams from the Big Ten Conference and Southeastern Conference or SEC.

The Outback Bowl is a prestigious college football game that usually happens on New Year’s Day which features the teams from the SEC and Big Ten Conference. The game is significant to the week-long schedule of the events throughout the Tampa Bay.

The Brief History

The history of the Outback Bowl is as accurate as now it becomes the pivotal bowl in the college football world. It was firstly on April 16, 1986. The NCAA awarded the college bowl game to Tampa Bay. This happened on December 23rd after the Hall of Fame Bowl happened.

Back then on April 12, 1995, the Outback Bowl confirmed that Outback Steakhouse came as the title sponsor so that the bowl name is Outback Bowl. It was and is still. For over two decades, Outback has been the main title sponsor of the individual bowl.

The Outback Bowl Today

Nowadays, it is the game that has such an influential existence. Folks have been considering it as one of the most significant parts of the college football events. It is also the part of popular New Year’s Day bowl lineup now. The particular game features the two most successful conferences in the college football. So, you can expect the best teams in the SEC and Big Ten to participate in the Outback Bowl.

It is one of the most successful bowl games in the world. It has given $1 billion positive economic results for the Tampa Bay region. That’s why it has been a pivotal event not to be missed.

The Outback Bowl is also a popular one because it always holds such spectacular matchups between the most celebrated teams. Each year, it provides such great spectacle for the college football lovers. It also has hosted some of the sport’s best players and the coaches. We can say that all of those who make an appearance in the Outback Bowl will be gaining a lot of attention from many people.

The Mission of Outback Bowl

The primary objective of the Outback Bowl is to improve the economic portfolio of the Tampa Bay area. The mission is also bringing the community nationally and internationally to share the moment together. The Outback Bowl also strive for the educational and sportive experience for the student-athletes who participate in the upcoming game.

The Tickets

The tickets of Outback Bowl 2019 are now available on the official ticketing sites. You could visit the official sites and purchase through them. The good thing about purchasing your tickets in advance is that you will not have to go for miles to pick your physical tickets. Instead, the official ticketing provider will send it to your front door. After finishing the transaction, you will need to wait until the tickets arrive at your doorstep. Consider booking your tickets now to see the team from Big Ten Conference or SEC. A limited number of premium tickets are also available through the bowls Membership programs. If you have joined with the programs, that shouldn’t be any problem for you to get your ticket.

When are the teams announced?

If you want to know which team is going to participate the Outback Bowl 2019, you will have to wait until the officials release the names on Sunday, December 2nd.

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